There are good gifts for the asking that change everything.

Howard Storm was completely changed by his encounter with Jesus Christ when he died in 1985, and he is passionate about sharing what he has discovered with you.

About the Artist

This is about a loving relationship with God and people

Howard became an ordained minister after his near death experience and has spoken to every type of Christian, and many other groups interested in spirituality. He has been interviewed on dozens of national television shows and radio programs. He has traveled around the world and supported missions globally. Thousands of people have found happiness and peace with themselves and their Creator because of his influence. You can have complete security in your importance to God and your eternal future in heaven. Perhaps you have been disillusioned with religion? There is a no perfect church because the church is made of flawed humans. This is about your relation to God and what God wants to give you so you can have amazing grace.

Please allow Howard to share the love he experienced with you which was freely given to him.